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Mistress Vivian Grey

Welcome. I need you to understand first and foremost that I am a different type of mistress. Being a teaser, pleasure seeker, sadist and intellectual has opened, broadened my mind and soul within all realms of bdsm. I am a goddess, a cruel mistress, a tender loving friend, the girl next door, and your personal female fatale. I am every woman and the only woman you need. Being well versed in the art of BDSM for several years, I love playing as often as I can. I welcome kinks and fantasies with an open mind and a desire to even expand my own experiences.

I welcome and encourage new players to reach out. I will promise to understand your wants and needs the best as I can. As for long time players, you are of course always welcome here, please challenge me. I only ask for respect, loyalty, and to abide by my rules. I expect this in and out of the dungeon. 

Let my fit curvy body hover over your bound one, while my long soft fiery curls graze your skin. Hear the sound of my seductive voice escape my sadistic smile as I entertain myself with you in your submissive state. If i dont leave you with marks physically, my piercing green eyes most definitely will burn an image in your mind. Being of Irish, Scottish, and Czech descent I have natural porcelain skin, red hair, and a passionate soul. As an art school graduate I am well rounded, smart, and a quick learner. 

Naturally, I am a very dominant woman. I appreciate a mind who understands feminine power, humility, and can commit themselves fully, body and soul. While playing, I will be in full control. I will be expecting you to let go, relax and experience every feeling or thought that comes forth and embrace it. Our experience together will be better than what you ask for. I always play safely, before we commit to a scene i will be going over equipment, sizes, verbiage, ect. I want your time with me to be safe but i will push you if i think you are ready and can handle it (newbies exempt of course).

Let me heal you, possess you, push you, entice you, fulfill you. You will leave refreshed, awake and alive. 

Mistress Vivian Grey
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